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“Oscar is a diamond in the rough, a star that is going to shine for a long time coming. His sound is totally unique, multi format compatible and he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever come across. He’s truly passionate about voiceover and will do what it takes to bring your station and brand to life. Sign him. NOW!!”

-Justin Case/Director of Programming and Imaging/Benztown


“Oscar is one of the best voice talents I’ve worked with. His superfast turnaround, combined with his crazy good voice – has really made 93.9 The Beat pop. Oscar can give me the attitude and personality I need, but, can also deliver a heartwarming and serious read for other stuff. In a lot of ways, he’s become another member of the air staff.”

-Jay Michaels/Program Director/WRWM 93.9 The Beat/Cumulus Media Indianapolis

“Its always a pleasure working with Oscar and he really brings life to our station Latino 95.5. He’s always reliable and communicates superbly. I can always count on the job getting done right and in a timely and professional manner”

-Eric Dullaart/Program Director/Latino 95.5


“By far the BEST delivery and FASTEST response time I’ve ever worked with. Oscar is my go to voice for ANYTHING.”

-DJ Base/VP of Programming/Dash Radio


“Oscar is responsible for a large portion of our Dash Radio sound, so glad we got connected.”

-DJ Skee/CEO/Dash Radio


“Oscar Vasquez has been a valuable member of the KNBR 1050 team since he first started providing VO in August of 2016. He hit the ground running from day one, embraces the sports talk format and is synonymous with the KNBR brand throughout the Bay Area. Oscar is very professional in his approach, is timely with his turnaround and extremely coachable. He regularly seeks feedback and takes direction exceptionally well. I have no doubt that if a sports programmer is looking for an energetic young talent to enhance the sound of his/her station; Oscar is the right man for the job.”

-Jeremiah Crowe/Program Director/KNBR 1050 San Francisco & APD KNBR 680 San Francisco



“As Creative Director for KNBR 680 and 1050 since 2009, I have worked closely with the best voice talent in the country, Jim Cutler. So when we decided to rebrand KNBR 1050, my expectations were high. KNBR 1050 Program Director Jeremiah Crowe selected Oscar Vasquez, and since day one, Oscar has been the right person for this job. Oscar is always available and always in contact on email, text and/or phone call. His turnaround continues to be quick, and even will do VO over the weekend, if need be. He offers multiple takes to give me options for each project, and has taken the sound of KNBR 1050 in the direction we had hoped. Oscar is very easy to work with, and the sound of KNBR 1050 has greatly improved since he came on board. If you’re looking for young, hip energy for sports VO, Oscar will no doubt give you what you need.”

-Tony Rhein/Creative Director/KNBR 680 & 1050 “The Sports Leader”


“Oscar is an awesome voice talent and really blends in well to the lifestyle of Hot 103.3. He helped us launch the station one year ago and we haven’t looked back! A true professional, and always a Dropbox away!

-Brandin Shaw/Program Director/KBIU Hot 103.3/Cumulus Media Lake Charles, La.

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